Mailchimp/email marketing series

I created a series of thirteen videos on how to use all aspects of MailChimp and discussed tactics for email marketing. Prior to this project, I taught myself how to use MailChimp and refined my email marketing skills through an online course.

Baseball much

In June of 2017, I created an Instagram page where I post daily baseball highlights and news. Less than two years later, my page has over 18,500 followers, which I grew organically. Consistently posting and engaging with the community are big keys to success. Eventually, I opened an online store with an apparel line for my fans.


Purves Dog sitting

When I was nine years old my brother and I started and ran our own dog sitting business. We launched the company with one customer and a few months later we were taking care of seven dogs at once. I learned two of the most valuable skills as a young entrepreneur, communication and responsibility.