Week 7 & 8 at Praxis

What I’m Creating

These past two weeks have been spent restructuring our cold outreach/prospecting  strategies. With the help a Mitchell Broderick, we each took our own approach at the new email copy for cold outreach. I’m excited to start testing my sequence out this week. Here is a look into what I created.

Phases 1-4

Hi {{first name}}!
I personally wrote this email, but it is a cold email. Perhaps earlier in your career you were in my position, so I’m wondering if you might be open to a sort-of contrarian idea that I think might be a great fit for you and your company. I’d like to hear your thoughts. 
I’m on the business development and placement team at Praxis. We run an intensive education + apprenticeship program that launches young people into awesome careers fast and helps high-growth startups find the best entry-level talent.
One of our participants, {{candidate first name}} {{candidate last name}}, has created a personalized pitch for your open {{position}} role! {{candidate first name}} also applied, so I wanted to reach out personally to make sure you had a chance to see how cool their project is. Here is the link: {{pitch link}}.

Would you be open to discussing if {{candidate first name}} could be a good fit for the role?
Hi {{first name}}!
Just wanted to touch base on {{candidate first name}} {{candidate last name}}’s application.
Praxis is a radical and proven model for developing high-quality entry-level talent, and I think you’ll see the difference in our candidates.

If you’re interested in seeing how Praxis candidates have performed at other companies, check out this case study about PandaDoc!

Would it make sense to chat for even 5-10 minutes to see if a Praxis candidate might make sense for your team? 

{{first name}},

I understand that you might be ignoring my emails, but I always want to try a little harder before accepting defeat, so forgive me. 
I want to talk about how {{candidate first name}} would help {{company}} excel. If {{candidate first name}} isn’t the best fit, no worries, we have other great candidates in our talent pool.
Our candidates go through a rigorous application process (with a 10% acceptance rate) before reaching our bootcamp, which is 6 months of training in both the hard and soft skills needed to thrive in a fast-paced startup environment. 

I know you’re busy, but jumping on the phone for a few minutes might be the beginning of a great relationship. And maybe not. But isn’t it worth a few minutes to understand what we’re all about?

Would you be open to finding a few minutes to talk?  
{{first name}},
I didn’t receive a response to my previous emails, so this is my last shot at getting you to respond:
I just wanted to discuss how {{candidate first name}} might be a great fit for the {{position}} role, or perhaps one of our other candidates, but maybe you’re not open to this option.

In that case, I will close the file.

Would you mind doing me a favor and responding to close the loop?

Thank you,

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