Week 6 at Praxis

This past week I was able to start to take on a bigger workload on the business development side of my day to day.

What I’m Learning

I think I’m really figuring out how to sell companies on becoming a business partner. I’ve been sitting in on sales calls and learning a lot about how to structure a call. It’s so important to cover all of the details during your pitch to eliminate all confusion on the other end.

I look forward to having the opportunity to take my own sales calls in the future.

What I’m Creating

I’m starting to do more work on cold emailing, so I’m learning a lot about which emails get the best response. I want to start experimenting more with different types of cold emails. I think we can benefit from testing different information that we don’t usually include in cold outreach.

I plan to start documenting my cold outreach ideas and putting them to use.

I’m looking forward to the week ahead with all the new upcoming tasks in my day to day responsibilities.

Until next week!


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