Week 3 at Praxis

This past week, I discovered a lot more about how to be efficient with my workflow. While I haven’t completely figured this out, I’m starting to cut down time on my daily tasks.

What I’m Learning

I’m learning a lot more about prospecting the right companies. When I prospect potential new business partners, I try to find growing organizations where participants would have the opportunity to thrive. 

As far as prospecting, I’ve figured out a solid method for finding quality leads. When I implemented this process, I was able to comfortably hit my goal for the week. 

The team goal was 50 leads each since it was a short week with Memorial Day. I look forward to seeing if I can hit 100 leads this upcoming week. 

What I’m Creating

The placement team is still working on improving our system for tracking down information. The process is starting to improve and I’m looking forward to how we can improve it even more.

Another project I’m working on is taking my own approach at rebuilding our cold email sequence, that I will be able to test. These emails will be going out to the companies I prospect, with the goal of setting up a call.

I’m excited to test this and edit the sequence based on the data I receive. 

Big Wins?

This will be an additional part of my posts based on what happens during the week. 

I had a few company’s that I prospected respond to our cold emails wanting to learn more. One company scheduled a call the same day and loved the concept of the program.

I’m looking forward to being given more responsibilities this week! Until next time.


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